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Hello foxsters! Check us out, hard at work!

The Fox.Vet team discusses the future of their app.

The Fox.Vet team discusses the future of their app.

We held another meeting today to discuss our goals for Fox.Vet in terms of its short and long term growth. Main highlights of our meeting include plans to:

  • Build a strong CVM community within Fox.Vet
  • Utilize the app as a means of bringing different veterinary disciplines together (clinical vs. research vs. academia vs. One Health vs. others!)
  • Take steps to build a strong global community where sharing, collaboration, and discussion occur via Fox.Vet
  • Increasing Fox.Vet membership

On the development side, we're hard at work improving our Android app so that it can be ready for release. Please stay tuned and keep spreading the word about Fox.Vet. Thank you so much to our Android friends for being incredibly patient with us through this process!

As always, let us know what works, what doesn't, what you'd like to see in Fox.Vet! You can post comments to our Facebook page, or email us at

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Fox.Vet is Live at CUCVM

After many months of hard work, Fox.Vet was officially launched through Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine on Francis H. Fox Day! (By the way, pranksters, excellent work on the BoVan.)

We've received great feedback since our release, and we wanted to let you know that we've been listening. Some of the things on our updated "To Do" list include:

  • Fox.Vet for Android - we're hoping to have this version out in the Play Store in about 6 - 8 weeks
  • Categorization into 'Species' and 'Specialty'
  • Editing capacity of the user profile (especially for those that didn't initially sign up via Facebook)
  • That pesky, buggy 'Back' button
  • Community function
  • Additional media options (e.g. video and audio)

Let us know what else you'd like to see on Fox.Vet. We're so glad you've joined us for the journey!

Fox.Vet - Moving Forward!

We've been getting great feedback regarding Fox.Vet from our beta users (check out our latest feature: Search!), but we've been getting even better questions that shows us you care about your virtual experience as much as we do! Here a mini FAQ to address those concerns:

How do we determine credibility/accuracy of information? 

Our mission is to embrace the Free Open Access Meducation model that is increasingly being utilized in human medicine. What does this mean for Fox.Vet? It means that we have a constantly evolving information source where accuracy is achieved by the collaborative and interactive efforts of our veterinary community.

Fox.Vet is meant to be a discussion tool, not a source for definitive diagnoses. It is not meant to usurped time-tested tools (e.g. Merck, Vin, textbooks journal articles, etc). Rather it is meant to be a conversation starter between colleagues, to inspire further self-learning and research. 

Our app is different from the aforementioned tools because it is geared towards visual learners, intuitive to use, and has a friendly user interface. With telemedicine being a hot and divisive topic in veterinary medicine, we seek to embrace the technological changes that are inevitable to our field rather than being caught unprepared for the consequences of information misuse.

Why this app? Why now?

We feel that if want any autonomy over veterinary technology, it should be organic and built by members the vet community―not by a third party company that does not fully understand the needs and concerns of our community. Our goal is to create an application that is clinically useful and accurate, inherently moderated by a community of experts, and has been field tested by credible professionals―which is why we need your help!

How do we address concerns about patient/client confidentiality?

When we first developed this app, this was one of our top concerns, too. That is exactly why we have three documents in place to address this issue:

In addition, we've worked hard to implement a picture editing tool that allows the user to crop or block out potential identifying features that may violate client and patient confidentiality. 

Final comments

Questions like these are exactly why we need feedback from beta users as, alone, we cannot possibly determine the breath of missing features that need to be implemented in the app to make it successful, secure, and reliable.

So please, continue testing Fox.Vet and thank you for your support!

Work hard, play hard...

...that's the mantra of the Fox.Vet team! 

Thanks so much for sticking with us! We know that beta testing can be frustrating at times, but we can't even begin to express how grateful we are for your continued input. 

Fox.Vet continues to improve through your constructive criticism, and we wanted to let you know that your comments haven't fallen on deaf ears! Here's the end product of our conversations with you:

Sunday shenanigans

Sunday shenanigans

This is just a small sample of the many things we've been diligently working on. Life of a vet student is riddled with sleepless nights, but really, what's a few missed REM cycles in the grand scheme of things? 

Comments, questions, suggestions or complaints? Shoot us an email ( and let us know what's on your mind!