Welcome to the Den! (Apologies for the formatting errors, we're still under construction.)

Fox.Vet is made possible through sheer determination, hard work, and a passionate belief in our mission of making veterinary information accessible through improved medical software. Although it’s exceedingly difficult to develop an app while on clinics, our struggles are rewarded when we see how Fox.Vet changes, improves, and makes learning fun.

If you love our app, please help us out! Your donations will help:

  • Upkeep our servers
  • Further development of the app to your specifications
  • Speed up the development of Fox.Vet’s Android version
  • ...and maybe get us a sandwich to split? (many sacrifices were made in the development of Fox.Vet)

In return, you’ll get spiffy swag as a thank you for your contribution!


How does this work? 

Hover over the images to see our minimum suggested donation. Donating the minimum will get you that particular item, but donating greater amounts will get you more items! 

Currently we have sticker sheets with NINE designs (11 stickers total) and buttons in two designs. 

We can barely contain our own excitement. See below for more details. 

$ 7 for a sheet of ELEVEN (11!) stickers!